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Fishing Report for the Gunnison River Valley

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July 1st, 2017

Rivers have dropped in half this week as well as the Taylor Dam releases. The Gunnison River is open from Almont to Blue Mesa Reservoir. Green Drakes, PMD's and Caddis are hatching mid day. Fishing will only get better through July, game on!

August 22nd Fall Fishing Report

Fall has come early to the Gunnison Valley this week. Highs in the mid 60's & lows in the low 40's with plenty of cloud cover means good hatches of BWO's, Caddis, Midges, Tricos, some Slate Drakes and Mahogany Duns off & on during the day.

Flows on the Gunnison have dropped in half & are leveling out, making the trout move into the deeper runs and a little more spooky. Longer leaders, thinner tippets, fluorocarbons and smaller flies help the hook up ratio.

Flows on the Taylor have dropped from 350 to 250CFS this month and should stay at this level until Sept. 16th when they reduce flows to 200 CFS.

Kokanee Salmon are in the Lower Gunnison River with a few in the East River. Salmon will increase in numbers through mid-late September.

Dry fly patterns include; Adams 12-18, Tan Elk Hair & Slick Water Caddis 14-18, BWO Parachutes, BWO Extended Bodies, HI-Viz BDE BWO's 16-18, Parachute Hoppers, Kicking Hoppers 8-12, Grey Drakes 12-16, Parachute Midges 18-24.

Nymphs; Barr's BWO Emergers Bead head, Flashback or wet 18-22, Gray Mercury RS-2's & Sparkle Wing RS-2's 18-22, Two Bit Hookers 14-18, Pheasant Tails 16-20, Psycho Nymphs 16-18, Extended Body Caddis Pupa Olive & Tan 16-18, Pat's Rubber Legs 10-12, Bead Head Soft Hackle Nymphs 16-18, Red & Copper John's 16-20, Tungsten Zebra Midges Red & Black 18-20, Zebra, Olive & Red Jujubee's 18-22, Mole Fly Olive, Gray, Brown 18-22, Tricos 18-22

Streamers; Sculpzilla's in Black, Natural, Olive & Sunrise 4-8, Belldar Cone Buggers Black/Red, Black/White & Yellow/Brown 4-8

Salmon Flies; Red Copper John's 10-12, Egg Head Sucking Leeches, Skyomish Sunrise, Mickey Finn ,Salmon Candy & Green Butt Skunks 6-10, San Juan Worms 8-10.

June 26th,

The fishing in Gunnison county is in full swing, the rivers have peaked and are starting to clear up across the valley. The warmer temps have got the bugs active with great caddis hatches daily and drakes, stones, and blue wings being spotted here or there. The fishing has been great with fish being caught on a variety of tactics. The Gunnison has peaked and float trips are going out daily, the nymph fishing under an indicator has been stellar and fish are starting to look up for the adults mainly caddis but the golden stone's cant be far away. Fishing on the EAST river has still been spotty but the water clearing and warming up should give it a jump start and it should be consistently fishing good within the week. The fish are there and eating, alot of times congragated in the slower moving water so it can be really good or really slow if you are not where the fish are. The Taylor river is experiencing good caddis hatches and blue wing olive when the clouds are out. CREEKIN' has started as most high mountain streams have peaked and are starting to come down and the fish are hungry! If you are looking to escape the crowds and throw dry flies this is the perfect time to hit the road and drive up a creek looking for the next honey hole. Flies to try on the creeks include caddis, hoppers, stoneflys, and drakes depending on the weather, but the fish are usually not that picky and are willing to eat a variety of flies. Whether you just need a few flies or want to hit the water with one of our top notch guides, give us a call today 970-641-7404 or stop in the shop and let us help you catch some fish! Best fishes, Blake

June 13th,

High, high, high! I'm talking about the rivers not the fact that there is now more dispenseries in Gunnison than liqour stores. Looks like we are close to making the turn, the majority of snow pack has melted and fishing will only get better now. The East River has been running over 2,000 CFS the last week and only hit 1,750 this morning. Taylor River flows into Taylor Reservoir have been 500-700 CFS the last week depending on time of day. Flows out of Taylor Reservoir were lowered from 400 to 300. Taylor flows into Almont this week dropped from 1,100 to 850. Tomichi Creek which drains the Monarch Pass side of the divide is running more than double the 78 year average at 800-950 (Higher than the Taylor at Almont this morning). Ohio Creek 250-350. What all this means is that if these numbers keep dropping this week even with the warm days and nights predicted, fishing is going to be great in a week or 2. Some of the high mountain creeks are dropping very quickly and a hike to fish a high mountain lake can be great this time of year if the ice is off. For now keep throwing the big flashy ugly bugs and keep the kids away from the fast water! Check the river links above every day this time of year before heading out, we do! Or give us a call for a current report or any other questions! Tight lines, Mark 970-641-7404

Best fishes!

June 8th,

Always fun catching a few little Lake Trout this time of year!

May 8th,

The fishing throughout out the valley has been as unpredictable as the weather in Spring at 8,000 feet! Hot, sunny and in the 60’s one afternoon with caddis skittering along the banks and small BWO’s emerging from the riffles and a hungry fish in the feeding lanes eating a variety of presentations. The next day its blowing snowing and in the upper 30’s and the trout are hunkered down in the deep holes. Don’t let the weather or the fish stop you from getting on the water this time of year. The banks are barren of other fishermen and the potential for having a once in a lifetime fishing day are possible. There have been some very nice fish caught below the Taylor Reservoir dam all the way to the Black Canyon. Consistency is the problem! Warm weather causes the river to blow out and a short spring storm can halt the snow melt for a day or two. As it clears up the fish move out and start feeding aggressively. With the variety of water available in the Gunnison Valley there is always going to be somewhere to go. Being flexible is the key this time of the year. Give us a call at 970-641-7404. We can point you in the right direction or get you set up with one of our guides and have you catching fish in no time. Blake “On” Long

April 11th,

Fly fishing on the upper Gunnison River was good today. Floated from the Almont Resort to Garlic Mike's yesterday. Caught all Brown Trout, a lttle thin from a long winter and some fierce ice flows but that just makes them all the more hungry. Fish bit on Sculpzilla streamers size 4 & 8, Blue Montana Prince #12, Bead head pheasant tails #14, Pat's Rubber Legs #8. Call and book your trip today.

Best fishes!

April 8th,

Floated 5 miles of the Gunnison today and the streamer fishing was great! Natural Tan Sculpzilas turned dozens of fish, netted 1/2 a dozen.

Best fishes!

April 9th,

Spring is here, and with it has come some excellent fishing! The rivers throughout the valley are basically clear of ice, or at least fishable everywhere. Fish can be found congregated in the deeper holes and pockets of the river and are feeding on a variety of bugs. The fish are not keyed in on any specific patterns yet and are willing to take a variety of flies (stoneflys, worms, midges, and caddis nymphs) so don't be afraid to change bugs if the fish are not interested in your offerings. For the next couple of months the river will rise and fall with the temperatures. More aquatic food is pushed around when the water is on the rise and the off color water makes it harder for the trout to inspect your flies. Boats are floating the Gunnison now and the fishing will continue to be really good until major runoff begins. The crowds tend to be much smaller this time of year and it is not hard to find open water. Flows on the Gunnison River have risen 200 cfs in the last 2 days. Starting this week we are offering float trips on the Gunnison River! Stop by the shop or give us a call for information or to book a trip!

Blake Long

**Book a guided two person fishing trip and receive a $50 Almont Angler gift certificate towards flies, tackle or your trip. *Trip must be in April or May, other restrictions may apply.

September 1st,

Fishing keeps getting better until the snow flies now! Cooler clouder fall days trigger the trout to feed on the last hatches of the year before the rivers freeze and we trade our rods for skis. Not a lot of hatches going on mid-day but trout are still willing to come up in the shallow water for the odd dry fly, tan caddis 14-16, Adams 14-18, BWO's 16-18 and hoppers 8-12. Evening caddis hatches have been great! Most of the larger fish are still in the deeper water and best fished with a nymph or 2 and an indicator. Two-bit Hookers 14-18, 20 Inchers and Pat's Rubber legs 8-12, Copper John's, Pheasant Tails and Psycho Princes 14-18, Flashy Gray RS-2's, Zebra Midges and Barr's Emergers 18-20.

Salmon are from Blue Mesa to the Roaring Judy Hatchery so egg patterns will start catching trout now through when the Brown's start dropping eggs. Salmon can be caught on bright flies large or small, salmon flies, big red copper johns and glo-bugs all work well. Flows out of Taylor are scheduled to drop from 350 cfs to 325 today, then 320 on the 16th. Float fishing should be great until they drop to 150 cfs October 1.

The 25th anual Superfly is coming September 11th and 12th, our Trout Unlimited fund raiser for the year. Open to the public to enter a team or come to the awards banquet Saturday here at the Almont Resort next to the Fly Shop. For more information visit our T. U. Chapter website http://www.gunnisonanglingsociety.org/superfly/

Best fishes, Mark and the crew at Almont Anglers

August 14th,

Fishing in the valley has been good. Warmer days and dropping flows makes for less dry fly action and smaller nymphs. Plenty of trout are still on the banks and will eat some large to small dries. Most of the larger fish have moved into the deeper channels and are not as willing to come all the up for the odd dry flies so you have to be willing to rig deeper. Top water bugs include Chubby Stones sizes 8-12, stimulators orange or yellow 8-16, caddis 14-16, Adams 10-18, BWO's 16-18 and grasshoppers 6-10. For your dropper or nymph rigs try two bit hookers 14-18, Pat's Rubber legs 8-12, Psycho Princes 14-18, 20 inchers 6-12, zebra midges 18-20, sparkle RS-2's 18-20 and soft hackles 14-16.

July 13th,

YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN HERE THIS WEEK! But don't worry fishing should be great for at least the next few weeks judging by the flows and cloudy weather. Fishing has been amazing, everyone coming into the shop is catching trout on a huge variety dries and nymphs. If you thought flows were still a little high, you might like the latest from Taylor Dam. They are dropping flows 50 cfs today and 50 tomorrow. Hot off the press: "Inflows to Taylor Park Reservoir have been below 400 cfs for the last 3 days and the reservoir elevation is now 2.5 feet below the spillway crest. Inflows are forecast to continue a slow trend downward so it appears that releases can now do the same. Therefore releases from Taylor Park Dam will be decreased by 50 cfs this afternoon, July 13th and then again by 50 cfs tomorrow, July 14th. This will bring flows in the Taylor River downstream of the dam to 400 cfs." July 11th,

Still another few weeks of fantastic dry fly fishing left in the valley. Green Drakes and Pale Morning Duns have moved up in elevation above the 8,000 foot range. Caddis, stone flies and yellow sallies are still hitting well on the surface. Go to flies are tan caddis 14-16, parachute adams 10-18, PMD's 16-18, golden stones 8-12, yellow sallies 14-16, tan, brown or black pat's rubber legs 8-12, twenty inchers 6-14, copper john's 14-18, streamers olive or black 4-8, psycho princes yellow or green 14-18.

Rainy days have kept river flows at great levels. The Gunnison has dropped 1,000 cfs in the last 2 weeks making the float fishing awesome!

June 25th

Mom always said if you don't have anything nice to say about someone then don't. Well I finnaly have something nice to say about the rivers again! Flows are finnaly dropping after the wettest recorded May in History. Taylor Reservoir was an inch from going over the top last week so Taylor Dam releases were fully open at 1,500 CFS for 4 days. Yesterday they started dropping the release 100cfs and they will keep dropping it100 cfs a day untill they match the inflows (Dam release out of Taylor should drop below 1,000 this afternoon

Flows here on the East River are back to the 92 year average around 1,200CFS.

Gunnison River Flows dropped below 3,000 today for the 1st time in 2 weeks. We are all starting to fish a lot more and we are guiding float fishing trips again on the Gunnison River. Caddis and stoneflies are starting to come off as well as Green Drakes. Streamers and large nymphs are still the best bet. May 24th

The fishing throughout the Gunnison Valley has been great! High mountain spring snow has really slowed run off and the fishing has picked up on all the waters in the valley. The Gunnison from Almont to Blue Mesa is flowing around 800 cfs and clear for now. The float and wade fishing have been excellent and guides are available, call 970-641-7404 today to schedule a trip. A Pats rubber legs or similar stonefly imitation followed by a worm, midge or blue wing under an indicator has been very effective with some large fish being caught. The East river at the roaring Judy hatchery has been seeing great evening hatches of midges and blue wing olives and any time the clouds decide to roll in. The high mountain creeks and streams are warming up and weather cooperating fish have started eating large stimulator patterns and small streamers. Beat the summer crowds and call us today 9706417404 to book your next fishing adventure.

April 17th 2015 Sure it's a little blustery this week, that just equals fewer fishermen and more fish for us and our guests. Flows will drop this week with the weather highs in the 40's lows in the 20's, chance of a foot of snow in some areas according to NOAA. Stones and Streamers down lower, should be good midge hatches up higher.

April 16, 2015 Taylor River (Catch and Release Section)

The morning sun gave way to clouds and wind as a small winter storm rolled in throughout the day. The fish celebrated the storms arrival with a great midge hatch and a few small blue wings flying around in the snow flurries. There was rising fish up and down the river and the cloudy conditions made for hot fishing. Small midge nymphs (size 22 black zebra midge, size 20 John Barrs Emerger, size 22 black beauty) and dry patterns (size 22 parachute adams, size 20 mosquito, size 20 blue wings) fished well throughout midday. Spring time means the rainbow trout are doing their spawning thing and have redds or spawning nests made in the shallow water, avoid wadding near and around these areas as it cause unneeded stress to the fish which directly relates to reproduction success!

April 14, 2015 East River (Roaring Judy State Fish Hatchery)

Fishing was great! The water is slightly off color from the run off and warmer spring like temperatures of the past week, but the fish did not seem to find. Large pods of trout were found in slower deeper runs with an eagerness to eat nymphs below an indicator. The wind finally let up today and from 11-3 the fishing was steady with trout being caught on a variety of flies (pat’s rubber legs, physco prince nymph, two bit hookers, WORMS, and big bright caddis flies!). With the water being slightly off color it makes it a lot easier to be stealthy and not worry about spooking fish wadding or casting making conditions ideal for a beginner or someone looking to freshen up their skills for a few hours, so call today 970-641-7404 and book your spring fishing trip. The valley is empty this time of year with few anglers on the water making it an ideal time to hit the water and catch a big one before the summer crowd starts fishing hard!

April 12, 2015 Gunnison River (North Bridge to McCabes Lane)

The white water park in Gunnison is completed and floating west of Gunnison is possible again! The flows have been a bit unstable with the spring weather (hot one day, snowing the next) and the fish are following suit. One section or hole will fish really well with multiple fish being caught and the next hole is empty or the fish are not eating. Don’t get frustrated as it just takes one spot to make your entire day this time of year. Flies to throw include big pats rubber legs, eggs, worms, colorful caddis patterns, and blue wings. The streamer bite can be very good as well especially during times of low light. Multiple fish chasing streamers back to the boat on every cast in some areas and others that seemed to be empty. Pound the banks and hold on as you can be very surprised by the size of fish chasing your fly!

April 9, 2015 Gunnison (East Portal)

OPENING DAY!! The East Portal road opened today, and the fishing was great! Nymphing the big runs with worms or big caddis flies trailed by a midge or blue wing. Flows are pretty low even for this time of year, making slack water pockets and eddies huge and difficult to get a drift through but any place you can get a good drift seemed to be holding a couple fishing willing to eat! The river being low makes it very wadable and fishing friendly. First GREAT dry fly action of the year with fish sitting high in seams and crushing blue wings on the surface. Mosquitos, parachute adams, and small blue wing dries were working with fish not being very leader or line shy with it being opening day.

April 7, 2015 Uncompahgre River below Ridgeway Reservoir (Paco-Chu-Puk)

The fishing was consistent but the fish seemed to be in large pods with few in between. Small midge and mayfly nymphs behind a worm or egg seemed to be the flies of choice. Flows are high for this time of year but the water is clear and very wadable, pick the day like we did and you could be the only one the river! Watch for big fish and make good tail water drifts as fish can be slightly spooky.

March 18, 2015

The fishing throughout the Gunnison Valley has gotten off to an early start this year due to unseasonably warm temperatures. With day time temperatures getting up to the mid 40’s on a regular basis, big chunks of ice have begun breaking apart leaving much of the river exposed from Almont to the West of Gunnison! Please use caution while wadding on and round ICE it can be very dangerous. The larger holes tend to be holding multiple hungry fish with the willingness to eat a variety of bugs. A larger stonefly pattern with lots of movement tend to be affective lead flies as it provides a good meal for a hungry fish but also helps get your flies into zone holding the fish. A variety of trail flies can be used such as worms, prince nymphs, zebra midges, blue wing olive nymphs, and caddis nymphs. With no significant hatches to speak of, trout are optimistic feeder and the most difficult part can simply be finding them.

February 2015

The Taylor River Catch and Release section can be very rewarding this time of year if the weather cooperates. Temperatures are still very cold and can make the simplest of tasks very difficult, but layer up and get to the river and the fish are willing to eat! The snow gives away your shadow and silhouette very easily, so use your best stealth and avoid wadding as much as possible. Flies of choose are SMALL sizes 18-24 in patterns such as Black Beauty, Barr’s Emerger, Zebra midge, Disco Midge, and Mysis shrimp. Change your rig often bugs, length, and weight until you find something that works for you.

Roaring Judy Ponds are open and full of trout eager to eat someone new to the sports fly! Fish tend to gather around inlets and outlets and can be coaxed into eating a variety of flies. Small midge hatches during the middle of the day can be exciting as multiple fish can be seen eating. Flies to try include zebra midges, Barr’s Emerger, small worms, and wooly buggers.

Tight Lines, Blake Long

Call us today and book a trip, whether you’re just looking to knock off the winters rust or new to the sport completely Almont Anglers has guides ready to take you on your next adventure! Call the shop 970-641-7404 or email fish@almontanglers.com to book your trip for Spring Break!

Winter 2014/2015 Fishing Report November 4th

Winter shop hours are few, for questions or trips,

please call Mark 970-641-7404. Josh is the manager at The Almont Resort, his office is next to the Fly Shop & he can usually let you in to the shop to help you with a purchase or a cabin rental, etc. 970-641-4009

Flows out of Taylor Dam have dropped to the winter flows that will range between 75-100 CFS some winters as low as 50. Flows on the East River are usually around 100CFS are still flowing high at 150 CFS (As of November 4th). Flow on the Gunnison Nov. 4th are 380 CFS & will drop into the low 200's through the winter. Trout in the Gunnison Drainage average 10-14" although many trout around 25 inches can be caught in the fall as they try to put on a few pounds before the Gunnison winter begins. Brown trout move out of Blue Mesa Reservoir into the Gunnison to spawn late October through November and into December, followed by some egg hungry Rainbows from the lake. Approximately 80% of the fish are Brown Trout then Rainbows and a few cutthroats. Winters have been mild the last few years leaving much of the Gunnison open year-round for fishing. During colder years the river freezes over solid in many places or shelves of ice extending off the bank for 2 to ten feet or more making wading or landing a fish very difficult if not dangerous (fish with a friend or guide). During extreme winters anchor ice scours the river bottom some days & ice blocks the size of small houses form in the river above Blue Mesa. Try fishing during the heat of the day fishing one of these small nymphs with a larger stone fly or egg pattern in front to get the trout's attention. Winter fish are especially spooky & leader shy, the usual winter tail water stuff with a little finer leader or fluorocarbon helps. GUNNISON RIVER Trout have still been rising to small midges and parachute Adams sizes 18-24. Winter flies are mostly nymphs including: Pheasant tails 14-20, prince nymphs 14-18, baetis & callibaetis nymphs 16-22, brassies 16-22, midge larva black, olive, cream 18-22, copper johns black, green, copper, red 18-22, midge & midge emergers black, Baetis & callibaetis nymphs 18-24, Barr’s Wet Emergers PMD & BWO 18-22 (also Barr’s Flashback & bead head), Rojo Midges Black, Olive, Red, Purple 18-22 (I like the glass bead with the tungsten bead that gets it down quick in the short drifts), Pheasant Tail Nymphs 18-24, Tungsten Zebra Two-Tone (black/red, purple/red), Juju Baetis 18-22, STD Baetis Dark & pheasant 18-20, 18-20 brassies 16-22, midge larva black, olive, cream 18-22, RS-2's gray, olive, tan 18¬24, WD-40's gray & flash back 18-22, glass bead WD-40's black, gray & brown 18-22, miracle nymphs 18-22, olive, cream 18-24, streamers & wolly buggers 6-10. TAYLOR RIVER Winter flows out of Taylor Dam are between 75-100cfs. At the Fly Shop in Almont where the Taylor meets the East & forms the Gunnison, flows are 100-160cfs. In the winter Taylor canyon doesn't get much sun & the edges of the banks freeze up in many places. There are 14 miles of public water between Almont & the Reservoir but much of the Canyon is unfishable or dangerous once the snow falls. Big Horn sheep have perished in the Taylor breaking through the ice. Winter driving in the canyon is much different than the drive from Gunnison to Crested Butte & for the experienced winter driver. Most of the road (21 miles from Almont to the Reservoir) winds along the river in a canyon with very little sun in the winter. Snow slides temporarily cover parts of the road in big winters so carry emergency winter gear and a full tank of gas. Fly patterns are similar to the Gunnison in the winter. TAYLOR TAILWATER (aka HOG TROUGH) Travel time: from the fly shop 21 miles to the dam 1 hour + or -. From Gunnison 1 hour 20 min. + or -. From Crested Butte 1 hour 45 min + or-. The 4/10ths of a mile of catch & release water below the damn sees little pressure compared to the rest of the year & it never freezes over. Wind can blow up canyon and freeze your rod guides, fingers & toes (Taylor Park has recorded temperatures of 70 degrees below zero without wind chill). Or you may get a banana belt day with temperatures in the 30’s! Fish during the heat of the day and bring all of your winter clothes; ski hat (no cowboy hats), fishing gloves slit finger, palm over finger (no ski gloves), hand warmers, and an extra set in case of accidental dunking. Most of the fishing is done standing on the snow banks not in the water, but waders should be large enough to wear extra layers while still leaving lots of air space, especially inside your boots! Boots with rubber soles don’t get as much snow build up on the bottom as the felt do. Wear your best winter camouflage to blend in with the snow banks! A thermos of your favorite hot beverage or soup is nice when you’re warming your fingers in the truck after landing that 28” Bow. Fluorocarbon tippet & leaders do seem to land more fish in these tail waters! Dinsmore split shot is in a camo green & comes in many sizes helping with your stealth. A line anti-freeze like “Loon’s Stanley Ice Off Paste” helps to keep your guides from freezing up every cast. Glass bead, black bead, dull finish beads or no beads at all on nymphs turns more fish than too much flash. These state record trout get this big because of the mysis shrimp that come out of the Reservoir. So needless to say you shouldn’t be without a handful. Mysis are size 14-22 and white with a small hint of pink or red when they are freshly dead from being shot out the dam tubes. Our favorite patterns are; Stalcup’s extended body, Sand’s Epoxy, Reid’s Ultra, Otter’s Dead, BTS, Palm’s, Pacific Fly Mysis & Solitude Mysis Shrimp. Other winter tail water flies include lots of midges (30 degree water just doesn’t grow big bugs). Baetis & callibaetis nymphs 16-22, Barr’s Wet Emergers PMD & BWO’s 18-22(also Barr’s Flashback & bead head), Rojo Midges Black, Olive, Red, Purple 18-22 (I like the glass bead with the tungsten bead that gets it down quick in the short drifts), Pheasant Tail Nymphs 18-24, Tungsten Zebra Two-Tone (black/red, purple/red), Juju Baetis 18-22, STD Baetis Dark & pheasant 18-20, 18-20 brassies 16-22, midge larva black, olive, cream 18-22, RS-2's gray, olive, tan 18¬24, WD-40's gray & flash back 18-22, glass bead WD-40's black, gray & brown 18-22, miracle nymphs 18-22. "Remember these flies imitate the bugs that the fish see more of, don't be afraid to try anything else in your box!" EAST RIVER The East River between Gunnison & Crested Butte is a quick easy fish if you don’t have all day (4 mile north of the fly shop). The hatchery ponds are a great place to wet a line or learn to cast in the winter because they are warm spring fed & don't usually ice up, although it is a 1/4 mile walk from the parking lot to the ponds when the road closes due to muddy road conditions or big snow. Great eagle watching! Fishing the East River from the hatchery outlet downstream to the Roaring Judy SFU Boundary is prohibited until October 31st for the salmon run. Approximately 2 miles of river along the hatchery offers good winter fishing unless the banks ice up a lot. Try little little stuff, small red & black midge larva and midge emergers in the ponds. Flies on the river are similar to the Gunnison & Taylor, maybe a few more eggs and flesh flies because of the end salmon run. Please call 970-641-7404 Thanks, Mark

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